Cultivation of Body and Mind

face2faceThe Cupertino Kung-fu Club (co-sponsored by Grandmaster Chi-hsiu Weng and the City of Cupertino Parks and Recreation Department) has offered world-class Kung-fu training for adults and children since 1989. We boast a spacious facility with room-length mirrors and wrestling mats. Our authentic Chinese martial arts lineage ensures high quality of teaching, and our partnership with the City of Cupertino fosters a friendly, community-oriented approach and lowest prices!

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Why Join Cupertino Kung-fu Club?

dr-weng-teachingPhysical Fitness – Staying fit should be a lifetime goal for all ages!

Self Defense – We teach practical applications for self-defense.

Self Control – Often times, those who learn martial arts realize that by learning it, they actually have less conflict in life.

Cultural Awareness and Lineage – The main styles of kung-fu we teach, Tai-chi and Shuai-chiao are over 3000 years old.

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Styles we Teach at Cupertino Kung-fu Club

  • shuai chiao

    Shuai Jiao

  • tai chi

    Tai Chi

  • cardio tai chi

    Cardio Tai Chi

  • san shou

    San Shou

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How to Join Cupertino Kung-fu Club

We recommend all interested students email Coach Jan-Yu at (preferred option) or call 408-647-2400 for him to answer any questions you have and also so that we can make sure that we have class that Sunday for you to join.

Come try out a complimentary class. We welcome new students anything, just call for an appointment.

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